Code Of Conduct

The Oatlands Preparatory School community commits itself to learning and responsible citizenship.

Our learners and staff strive to:

  1. Maintain a strong culture of teaching and learning, which gives direction to all we do.
  2. Maintain the norms of discipline set by our school rules.
  3. Be courteous and demonstrate respect for the beliefs, customs, language, individuality and property of others.
  4. Demonstrate social responsibility and compassion.
  5. Use resources carefully and wisely.
  6. Participate fully in a wide range of school activities.
  7. Discover and develop personal potential.
  8. Support and encourage others.
  9. Embrace a lifestyle, which promotes good health and happiness.
  10. Help to secure a safe and healthy environment.
  11. Be honest and have personal integrity at all times.
  12. Grow towards responsible citizenship in our country, South Africa.