Policy Statement

Education at Oatlands Preparatory is guided by a number of underlying principles that are contained in its Policy Statement. The principles are founded on a set of core issues, namely focus, experience, environment, teachers, language, religion and discipline.

Focus – every child is unique

At Oatlands the emphasis is on the development of the whole child. The individuality of each child is respected. The aim is to nurture the growth of self-confidence and inculcate a positive attitude in each one.

Experience – every child has a natural desire to learn

At Oatlands the teachers attempt to harness the inherent inquisitiveness and creativity of children in such a way as to make learning an enjoyable experience, not only in the classroom, but also by means of visits and excursions to places of interest outside of the school.

Environment – every child needs a secure environment

At Oatlands the children learn in stimulating, attractive surroundings which are intended to be a happy and disciplined extension of the home. Parents are actively encouraged to become involved in the life of the school.

Teachers – every child responds to love

At Oatlands the teachers form a cohesive and dedicated team who care about every one of their charges and whose excellent educational methods ensure a high standard of learning.

Language – every child needs to communicate

At Oatlands the medium of instruction is English, although we teach both Afrikaans and Xhosa as additional languages.

Religion – every child needs guidance in defining appropriate moral values

At Oatlands we respect different religious views, but the ethics we teach are Christian based.

Discipline – every child needs firm boundaries

At Oatlands we apply a firm but caring attitude to the disciplining of our pupils. Our aim is to foster self-discipline and therefore self-worth.